Not much done this weekend

But I was able to get several packages of meat canned. I jarred the meat up, put it in the pressure canner, and canned it. Two jars broke when I took them out though, probably from overfilling the jars. Learned my lesson about leaving enough headspace. Next time I can meat, I’ll add a little salt and/or spice to see how it turns out. The last batch was pretty good, but a bit bland for eating out of the jar.

It’s been warm over the past couple days, and most of the snow is gone, but the ice remains. I’m sure thankful for the global warming. Hope we get a bunch more, I’d like to start a vinyard out back. Home made wine…

Not busy, but steady

I decapped several hundred rounds of .44 mag I’ve been ignoring, and charged and put bullets in around 150 rounds of brass I’d cleaned, primed, and expanded some time ago. It went pretty well, and the standing position was very efficient, although I was glad to set a spell after I finished.

I sent my .270 off to be rebarreled to 30-06. I bought it last summer- it’s an Interarms MK X, got it for $250. I’ll have a new barrel screwed on, then drop it in a Bell & Carlson stock. I’m also planning on a Dakota 3 position safety- the Whitworth safety is pretty cheap-made of stamped metal, and doesn’t block the bolt like a regular Mauser. Then a Timney trigger. I’ll do it in stages so I don’t drive myself to the poor house.

I have Monday off for “Equality Day”. I’d rather have Washington and Lincoln’s birthday off.

As promised, a show and tell.

Here it is:

Jokers to the left of me...

Other side:


Down the sights:

And it’s a shooter:

It’s a pretty nice revolver. Came with nice grips, although the originals aren’t anything to laugh at. It was colder than a witch’s lips the day we shot it. The flyers were my fault. Lousy position, cold, waaaahhhh…

I found a decent Bianchi holster for it on ebay for $36. It’s not the Bianchi holster of my youth: much rougher insuide, and lower quality overall. Next time, I’ll get a Galco. I’m also looking for a holster for my mod. 27 with a 3 1/2″ barrel and my mod 629-5. I’ll probably end up with a custom holster for the 27 and a Galco holster for the 629. Any suggestions?

Dear Pastor,

You’ve pestered me for a couple years about coming back to “church*”. I’m not coming back.

I left after listening to sermonettes that make the heathen feel nice and fuzzy warm, but are little if any substance to followers of Christ.

After being asked for the eleventy billionth time to sing in the choir. I’m not going to. Ever, unless God asks me to. And He hasn’t.

After enduring music in the “sanctuary” that was so loud that small children had to be carried out.

After listening to you tell me how “heroic” and “courageous” unwed and divorced mothers were. They’re not.

After being asked “we’ve sure missed you” by people who haven’t called or stopped by, ever.

After being told that the amount GOD blesses me is based on whether I tithe the gross or net amount on my paycheck.

After watching the “sanctuary” be decorated by and for women, after having the suggestions of the men in the church disregarded.

After being subjected to pagan traditions and worship within the “church”.

After being told to “man up” and marry tawdry and divorced women, because “forgiveness”. Because “a truck drives straighter when it’s carrying a full load”.

After listening to many, many gynocentric sermons, i.e., “if momma ain’t happy, then ain’t nobody happy”.

After hearing sermons on “mutual submission”.

After reading about pastors like this guy.

After watching the women in the “church” eradicate every vestige of manliness from the “church”, while the “men” stand by and watch, doing nothing, because they might upset their wives.

In fact, pastor, I never left the “church”. The “church” left me. That’s why I meet with a group of men in my community, at our homes. Care to join us?

*I refer to the “church” this way in order to differentiate the building and the unbelieving from the body of believers, the Church, those who are followers of Jesus Christ.

Grumpy old man post

Stopped at one of the local Chinese buffets for supper today, and three women- looked like daughter, mother and grandmother- were sitting in the booth near the spot I was seated. During the time I was there, they were glued to their phones, and except for the occasional “OMG blah blah blah!”, they barely spoke to one another.

Their phones, on the other hand were a cacophony of ringtones and DROID text message notifications. In thirty minutes, I’d bet there were fifty of the DROID variation. After twenty minutes I put in a set of ear plugs. Sometimes it’s good to be a shooter.

Girls, if you want to spend your vapid lived staring into a smartphone “communicating” with other mindless drones, shut the damned  sound off so your neighbors, especially the grumpy old farts, don’t have to be assaulted by your noise.

It’s probably a good thing I live alone. I think I’ll make this my theme song for the week.

We’re nearly finished cleaning the mess out of the building that was vandalized before Christmas. After we get the gym cleaned out, we’ll be finished. It was a lot to do, but we’re nearly there.

I’ve been promising a “review” of my new K22, and as soon as I can get the camera/computer/cable thing worked out, I’ll get it done. The post won’t be so much a “review”, since I’m sure puh-lenty have been done in the past, but more a sort of show and tell with pictures.

That’s all for now, thanks for listening and stay tuned.

This is my ashamed face…

Read this first.

I spend too much time complaining about moving snow. I really dislike doing it, and wish I lived in a place where it didn’t snow so much. Someday I’ll move…really.

So over at Lagniappe’s Lair (it’s excellent, a daily read for me) he’s blogged about clearing his driveway with a shovel. And the guy has one leg.

No more complaining from me.

Happy New Year!

I figured that I ought to get this posted before I go to bed early. Yeah, I know-boring. But tomorrow I’ll be rested and ready to go, and many , well, lets just say that they won’t be at their best.

2014 was pretty good. No major health issues, other than the type 2 diabetes that I can’t seem to cure (in my case, losing fifty pounds would fix it), but I’ll keep trying. Work goes pretty good, I have a few great friends that I can trust with my life, and family that loves me. I’m not sure what more I could ask for. Unless these guys were to throw a concert locally.

I recently followed Shannon Watts on Twitter (go ahead-follow me @Wyowanderer) and wow-what a bunch of worthless tweets- probably twenty about the woman killed by her child who got ahold of her handgun while at Wal Mart. But never let a crisis go to waste, huh Shannon? And dear Shannon isn’t going to give up her armed guards, is she?

Al right, all right back to the better stuff. I changed out the door handle (left side, this time) on the family Nissan this afternoon. I went much easier that last time. Thank goodness.

It’s still pretty darn cold. Any suggestions on a Torpedo/Salamander heater?