Happy New Year!

I figured that I ought to get this posted before I go to bed early. Yeah, I know-boring. But tomorrow I’ll be rested and ready to go, and many , well, lets just say that they won’t be at their best.

2014 was pretty good. No major health issues, other than the type 2 diabetes that I can’t seem to cure (in my case, losing fifty pounds would fix it), but I’ll keep trying. Work goes pretty good, I have a few great friends that I can trust with my life, and family that loves me. I’m not sure what more I could ask for. Unless these guys were to throw a concert locally.

I recently followed Shannon Watts on Twitter (go ahead-follow me @Wyowanderer) and wow-what a bunch of worthless tweets- probably twenty about the woman killed by her child who got ahold of her handgun while at Wal Mart. But never let a crisis go to waste, huh Shannon? And dear Shannon isn’t going to give up her armed guards, is she?

Al right, all right back to the better stuff. I changed out the door handle (left side, this time) on the family Nissan this afternoon. I went much easier that last time. Thank goodness.

It’s still pretty darn cold. Any suggestions on a Torpedo/Salamander heater?