Great post from Outlander Systems

That said, just remember, by showing up to the polls in November, and yanking the crank that says, “Donald J. Trump,” you, and millions like you, will have effectively sent the biggest, meanest, most hateful bird-finger in the direction of the Deep(Dark) State possible; you’ll have utterly embarrassed them. You will have, if nothing else, given the most thorough, “FUCK YOU,” of your life to the disgusting scum that have floated to the top, while simultaneously illustrating that the biggest propaganda machine this side of Goebbels was utterly incapable of stopping you.

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Don’t ever talk to law enforcement

First, watch this:

Then this:

And remember-officer friendly will use every word you speak against you, if he can.

When he asks you a question, it’s best to respond: “can the information you seek be used against me in a court of law to incriminate me?”

He has to tell you yes or no, and the answer is nearly always yes.

Don’t talk, and get an attorney.