Adding an exercise program

I’ve written before that I’m walking regularly, and I’ve decided to add a regular routine of lifting to my gym visits. It comes from this guy’s YouTube channel-it’s pretty light for now, but I’m pretty glad that it is: I started Sunday morning, this is Monday night and I’m pretty sore.

Lots of upheaval at work-I’ve lost 3 employees to other buildings and gained a building, so I’m polishing the chair with my hind end less, but that’s a good thing.

Next Sabbath I’ll be camping on Muddy mountain and conducting a potable amateur radio operation demonstration. I’m a little amazed how little portable operators there are around here, especially for a town the size of Casper. Hope to see you there.


Better by the day

I’ve been going to the gym three times a week, and this week I’m going six times a week, taking Friday night through Saturday night for Sabbath rest.

I was walking ¬†a mile every time I went to the gym, and increased it to two miles (average time of 36ish minutes to complete) and this week I started with the weights. Light amounts for right now, I’m doing a couple sets a day on a couple different machines, and I’ll add weight and routines as I go along.

Yesterday was the Sabbath, and I noticed that I was craving a trip to the gym: that’s unusual. Before my heart attack I went to the gym, but could often make an excuse to not go in. I hope this last forever.

The eclipse was great, and I’m glad I made the effort to go to Pine Mountain to see it. I THOUGHT I’d be the only one there, but it turned out that everyone else figured out it would be a great place as well. I was on the highest spot on the mountain that wasn’t private land, and had maybe twenty-five ¬†neighbors around. I was struck by how nice everyone was-there was absolutely none of the territorialism that you occasionally see in a campground. I counted 250 people on the flats below the mountain-there was even a guy on a four wheeler selling burritos. I wouldn’t call it a carnival, but it was close. Lots of friendly people who cleaned up after themselves.

I had ample time to ride the Rokon, and really had a great time exploring some of the rougher roads off the mountain. I put around thirty miles on it during the weekend, which is plenty for this guy. I also took some video that I’ll post up after I get them on vimeo or vidme.