It was -7 F this morning, colder than it’s been most of the season. But solstice is past, and now the days begin to get longer, if only incrementally. It’ll soon be March, and I can’t wait.

Fired up the Ford this morning, and it didn’t want to play. Nevertheless, my rusty steed brought me to work.

We moved more blown in snow today, and lost the feeling in my hands and feet-the wrong gloves and definitely the wrong shoes. Tomorrow I’ll tie rags around my ankles-that’ll keep the ants from crawling up my legs and biting my candy ass.

New Year’s eve is nearly here: I hope to replace the broken door handle on the ’91 Nissan pickup tomorrow after work. It’s lasted over a year, but this is just stoopid-a door handle that lasts just over a year? At least it’s got a lifetime warranty at O’Reilley’s Auto. They were quite nice when I exchanged it.

How not to hunt rabbits

I went rabbit hunting Friday with my buddy and ended up walking in ankle deep snow for two hours or so- we shot one bunny. When I got home, I was sick. Emptied my stomach, and went to bed. Saturday I was better, but still really tired, so I relaxed and slept a lot. Finally better on Sunday, enough to eat a little. Another example of being out of shape.

My new revolver shoots well. More on it soon, I’ll write a short review later this week.

Today I moved snow for an hour and a half. I’m thankful that I had machinery to bust the drifts, or I’d have likely strained my back. It snowed maybe four inches last night, and the wind really packed it in. Lots of people were stranded/stuck, and I had to drag a co worker’s (nice shiny) truck out of the drift in the front of her building. It has good tires for Moab (Utah) but not so good for snowy Wyoming. I’m also thankful for my lousy old truck.

I’m finally home after a ten hour day (aren’t I a poor baby?), snuggled up to the pellet stove.

My tradition this time of year

I didn’t get to sleep until 4:30 a.m. and woke around 9:00. My buddy stopped by, we had a couple cups of coffee and a chat. We left for the range at around 11:00, and shot a couple revolvers until a couple more guys showed up at around 11:30, and we shot another 22 cal. Derringer, a nice stainless Target 22 auto, and a Ruger revolver in .327.

We stopped at the local Chinese Buffet and ate- and I couldn’t help but think of this.

Went home, cleaned and lubricated the guns, and relaxed. Best holiday ever.

And another thing…

I’m not big on Christmas. I love God, but I choose not to participate in the trappings and traditions of consumer culture, or its religions. If you’d like to, please do. I’ll just stay out of it, okay?

As promised, a review

Of the Revolutions podcast by Mike Duncan.

I’ve finished the Revolutions podcast for the British Revolution, the American Revolution, and now I’m working through the French Revolution.

All three have been excellent, so far. Mike Duncan does an excellent job of bringing the history to life, and listening to the podcasts has been very useful to me.

A couple extra comments:

The ride of Paul Revere is accurately depicted-none of the fiction taught in schools, and all of the truth taught in your local Appleseed Event. It’s well worth the time. Both of them.

Mike Duncan goes to a lot of trouble to complain about slavery in the New world, but says little or nothing about the slavery that occurred in the Roman Empire, British Empire, or France in the 1700s. It’s almost as if he’s ashamed of American, and not other, history. I think he could do better.

Nevertheless, an excellent podcast, well worth you time.

What happened to thinking critically?

Video here. Seriously, go watch it first.

Think, folks- the distance from the lens to your eye is less than an inch-the distance from the lens to the observed object is irrelevant, because NO lens distorts the light before is enters it. Oakley glasses are excellent, but the amount of distortion between the lens and the eye is negligible.
The local Oakley rep used this demo on the sales staff at a store I worked at, and people fell for it just as hard as many here will. but it’s a demo that isn’t relevant, because light travels INTO the lens , TO you eye, not the other way around.
Come on, Oakley, you’re better than this.

Thanks, Mr Honda…

For trying to further infringing on our rights. Because we need to ensure that cops can kill their victims, right?

“This bill will keep military body armor out of the wrong hands,” Honda stated. “It would ensure that only law enforcement, firefighters and other first responders would be able to access enhanced body armor.”

“We’re not talking about just a standard bullet-proof vest,” Honda said. “We’re talking about body armor that is designed for warfare, designed to protect against law enforcement ammunitions.”

Yet more garbage from a communist politician who knows nothing about guns. There is no such thing as ‘law enforcement ammunitions’. Cops pretty much use the same bullets as everyone else. Of course, with the militarization of law enforcement taking place across the country that could change at any time.”

Anyone want to bet he’s fully protected by hired guns?

Patience, if you please.

My post about the head lamp didn’t go so well: I tried to embed a couple pics, and while you can clink the link, they didn’t show up nice and pretty like the ones in my reloading bench posts. Bear with me, I’m trying to learn.

Thanks for paying attention in the first place.