Sight tool review

I’ve misplaced and found three AR 15/M 16 front sight tools so I thought I’d do a review on them. If you have any other brands you’d like me to check out, let me know and we’ll work something out. The link takes you to my YouTube channel. Abandon hope…

Here’s the long and short of it. Get the Brownell’s tool, it’s superior. I’ll keep the other two as spares or for keeping in the tool box/range bag, but the Brownell’s is the one I’ll reach for when I want the best tool.

Happy Ash Wednesday and fish tacos too.

I’m not Catholic (tried, no can do) but For the past few years I’ve been thankful for Lent, because Taco John’s offers fish tacos this time of year. I like Taco John’s most of the time because the service is pretty fast, and you can order tasty, nutritious food for less than the burger joints. Sooo… thanks to you Catholics for bringing your buying power to bear on the cuisine at TJ’s. Much appreciated.

Thanks also go out to those who make King cakes. One of my co workers brought one in yesterday and I had just a small slice, but it was delicious.

It’s back, and it shoots!

M4 target

Pretty good group for an old fat guy shooting through iron¬†sights at 50 yards. good enough for a battle rifle, anyway. I’m no fan of the setscrew repair (not at all a jab at Fulton Armory-they did a great job) of the FSB, so I’ll likely replace the FSB and barrel with something from Daniel Defense. The dealer I bought it from has been great, so he gets my business. He’s called RRA to try to get them to pony up for a barrel or cash for the repair-we’ll see. I’m not holding my breath.

I’m shooting the dreaded M855 AP that the BATFEIEIO is trying to ban. Lousy bastards.

Still looking for a place to rent, the rental market is pretty tough around here. I have a lead on a place on or around the 26th, and it’s cheap, so I hope it pans out.

Moved, mostly.

I have a bed, enough clothes for a week at a time, bathroom stuff, and a (very) few pots and pans in the house. Nearly everything else is in storage. The apartment I looked at las Friday was really cool inside, but the neighborhood was REALLY lousy, and the “tiny yard” turned out to be weeds in blown in dirt on the back “patio”. I’m really not picky, but my gut was screaming at me no, so I passed.

Just finished “fixing” my buddy’s Marlin 795 .22LR rifle. The bolt handle hold open was engaged, and he couldn’t figure it out. I had the same thing happen to me at my 2nd Appleseed event, and was clueless for a short time.

My back has been pretty pissed off with me since I started moving. I slept for longer than I ought to have over the weekend, and I’m willing to bet that I do it again this weekend. Hope so, anyway.

I started walking again on Monday. I’m walking a mile in 19:30 now, down from 23 ish minutes when I began in December. I found this¬†very encouraging this morning: rather than making excuses ( too fat/bad knees/bad back) I’m going to do the best I can with what I have/am. I’m never going to perform at the level of a Ranger, so I have to perform the best I can in my skin. I encourage you to do the same.


Again. Just moved in last June, but I can’t stay. I won’t go into detail, but It ought to be sufficient to say that I don’t have privacy. I’ve boxed up and moved around 40% of my stuff so far and thrown out or given away a bunch of things I needed to get rid of last time. It’s a great thing to get rid of stuff you’re not using.

I sent my AR off to Fulton Armory on 23 Jan 2015 for a technical inspection, and received the call today. I sent it in because the rifle needed 16 clicks of right windage to get to zero. The cause was an improperly installed front sight base. The gunsmith at FA installed a couple setscrews and told me it ought to solve the problem.

When you buy a rifle at the peak of the ‘Bammy boom, expect it to be a rush job. Learned my lesson.

I’m waiting for a lady to call me about an apartment. If it’s decent, I’ll fill out an application. I’m hoping she calls tonight.

Off to move more stuff.