Glendo last weekend

I spent the weekend tormenting bull snakes and riding the Rokon at Two Moon campground over the past weekend. It’s a very pretty place, with a cliff just to the west that overlooks the reservoir. I’d like to camp there this weekend, but it’ll likely be packed (Memorial Day weekend) and I have a package coming in- a used Yaesu FT 857D.  It appears to me that Yaesu’s announcement of the FT 891 has people dumping their old radios, because I saw seven or eight 857D’s for sale on I emailed two people, and got two phone calls within 10 minutes- the second call while I was on the phone with the first. Figures.

So, I have a radio coming. Now for antenna, tuner, coax…


Decisions, decisions…

I was chatting with Kent at Ham Radio Outlet in Denver and he suggested that I could buy a Yaesu FT 991 in place of the FT 857D I’ve been trying to get. In a previous post I whined that the 857D is out of stock, probably nation wide, and my current thinking is to get the 991, which has a better screen and more bells/whistles.

I’m definitely not the bells and whistles type, but I doubt I’d refuse to have them.

Other than price, anyone see a problem with getting a 991 for my truck rig?


Ah, nature…

I’m going to complain, briefly.

The past several mornings, I’ve been blessed by wildlife, to wit:


At 5:45 a.m. <insert Yosemite Sam language here>

Flickers are pretty birds, and if mine would refrain from pecking at my furnace vent (seriously-for a week or so, off and on), I’d appreciate it more.

Ah, well, you can’t always appreciate nature from a distance. And I’ll undoubtedly survive.