A little scheduled maintenance on the Rokon

If you follow this blog, you’ve no doubt read about the 1997 Rokon that I put a new engine in a couple years ago. This weekend, I cleaned, lubed,and reinstalled the chains onto clean sprockets. The bike needs new drive and driven sprockets, as well as roller chain, but I think I’ll put if off until next season.

Everything cleaned up nicely:

Back wheel's clean, too.

Nice clean chain and sprockets

Nothing you can’t imagine, but pics are always better. I use an old coax crimping tool I bought at Radio Shack years ago to bring the ends of the chain together without loosening the tensioner bolts:

My chain puller hack

As you can see, I’ve put it on a grinder to get enough clearance so it fits well. Here’s the tool in action:

Put a roller chain roller in each jay, and squeeze-it's EASY to get the master link in.

Nothing fancy, but pretty effective.

I’ll clean up the rest of the bike over the next week or so (not that it’ll stay clean for long).

Stay tuned for the tale of my recent vacation through Colorado and Wyoming.