Rebog: Manspreading, by House of Eratosthenes

Actually, I’m a bit on the fence about this issue. On the one hand, of course I’d like to slap silly the next feminist who whines away about it when she doesn’t spend any time on the subway, and it’s completely obvious that any space a man occupies, regardless of how small, is going to be too much for her. As well as for a lot of other people in our modern culture of “all problems are due to men having too much, and all solutions come from threatening or revoking the status of men.” But, that’s not a a man-abuse thing, that’s a thing with people pretending to solve problems who wouldn’t know a real problem, or a real solution, if it walked up and kicked ‘em square in the ass. Very common occurrence these days.

More here.

Excellent stuff, from a blog well worth the visit.

Finally, warm weather.

After weeks of rain and cool weather, it looks like hot weather has arrived. I’ve purchased a rosemary plant to try to grow on the porch-I’ll put it in a bigger pot tonight.

The 12″ LOP Hogue stock for my Mossberg 500A arrived last week, and fits great. It may need a couple buttstock shims for a perfect fit, but that ought to be pretty easy to accomplish, and will be a good excuse to go shooting.

I took the Winchester model 94 in 30/30 to the range last week, and it shoots okay. I’ll need more time with it to see if it’s going to shoot well.

Work has been demanding-lots to do, and not enough time to do it all. It’s a bit like taking care of dozens of adult children.

But we have good weather, so I’m not complaining.