Package in the mail

This afternoon the nice man in the blue uniform brought a few presents-a couple parts for the landlord’s Polaris 6X6 (for sale, as of tonight) and the Ultramount and quick change plates. Here’s a pic of the mount, with the press on it:
Door open

Nice storage, and I imagine it’ll get used well.

The Ultramount:
Ultramount assembled

Simple, and sturdy.

The quick change system:
Remove the wingnuts-
Lift up the press…
Separating the press from the mount
now the Ultramount is bare:
Without the q/c plate
The press and plate:
The press, separated from the mount

Looks like it’s going to be great. I also ordered a spare plate to mount my antique Wilton vise to it.
Tomorrow I’ll round up hardware to bolt down the Ultramount, but I’m going to play with it for a couple days to determine the best spot on the bench.
I’m not part of the company, but I’ll leave their address for your perusal.

Coming together

I’ve been working on installing a bench in my den. I reload ammunition a fair amount, so I wanted to have a good place to do it. Last summer I bought a countertop at a local business that build and installs cabinets for dirt cheap, then found a pair of cabinets to put under them, and drug them home. That’s where it’s been for a few months, because I’ve been catching up on other chores to get the house ready for winter.

I got the cabinet bases built, and Sunday I installed them, placed the cabinets on them, shimmed the cabinets (would you believe that the walls aren’t perfectly plumb?) and screwed everything down. Wish I’d had my stud finder-it was at the landlord’s house, borrowed. Then the top went on, and it looks great.

I’ve ordered an Inline Fabrication mount for my press, and if all goes according to plan, it ought to be here Monday-ish. I’ll post photos and provide a link at that point. If I can get time, I’ll post up pics this weekend.

So much for shooting.

I didn’t make it to the range. Spent Saturday morning cleaning out the garage after my buddy skinned his deer, then found some ambition (don’t know where) and fired up the chainsaw. I cut down three bushes in the back yard I’ve been wanting to remove. It went pretty well, except for when I hit a piece of angle iron in the center of one, probably used as a support for the bush a long time ago.
Hauled all the limbs to the local landfill compost pile-two trips. The saw chain will need some help, so I’ll take it to work and sharpen it and its twin.
Worked on the Polaris 6X6 as well. It hasn’t been easy to start for a couple years, and I’ve been blaming the carb needle and seat. After checking the carb, and finding the needle and seat in good condition, I Looked at the fuel pump, and while it works, it doesn’t work very well. A new one is around $25 on ebay, so I may well go that route. I’ve looked for a kit, but the diaphragms aren’t easy to find, and the valves don’t seem to exist. I’ll also need to buy a new fuel tank valve, as the old one leaked, and I broke it trying to install the tank.
Mercifully, it rained much of Sunday, so I was able to rest. Thanks be to God.
I just returned from a rabbit hunt with my buddy, so I’m pretty tired. No rabbits, though.

Almost there…

I’m taking a few minutes of my lunch hour to rejoice because it’s just a few hours to the weekend. I’m hoping to go to a range that I’ve “built” with my buddy’s help. By built I mean that we’ve found a good backdrop and measured the distance to it, no more.

Last week I loaded a couple boxes of ammo for my 30-06 using once fired Nosler brass, 48 grains of 4064, a Hornady A-Max 160 grain bullet, and a CCI Benchrest primer. This load is perfect in my Enfield. The rifle was sporterized in the ’60’s, and is scoped with a Leupold Vari-X III 4.5-14 X 50.

I’ll let you know how the day goes.