Duke Cannon Soap

Duke Cannon Soap

It’s a 10 ounce bar, five inches long, and “smells like victory”…Made in USA, not from France.

I began looking for soap that contained no lard or pork products, as I’m trying to keep the Torah laws. If that’s more religion-y than you’d like, please wander over to Joel’s Gulch or Adaptive Curmudgeon’s blogs- they’re excellent and I recommend them heartily.

Still there? Here we go.

I’ve used up one of these bars of soap, and I like it just fine. It has a pleasant smell, and it’s filled with (a few) steel cut grains to help scrape you clean. It was really odd at first, but very pleasant. The only thing that wasn’t just fine is the size- it may be too large for your soap dish. But it’s a fine soap and I’m going to start using it regularly.

A few other drawbacks-it’s pretty spendy at nearly nine bucks a bar, and their marketing is a bit over the top. I half expected to come out of the shower looking like a Viking or wolverine, having read all the propaganda on their website: unfortunately, I’m still a short fat guy with less hair than I’d like. Sigh.

If you don’t care about the price (I’ll need two bars a month) it’s great soap, and I recommend it because I’m keeping Torah.

If you’re not keeping Torah, or you’re just more thrifty than I am, head to the local Mega-Lo-Mart and buy what they’ve got. It works fine, too.

Reblog: An Open Letter to Glenn Beck on His Adored Police State

You’ve become the police apologist that every lover of freedom and liberty in America dreads. Frankly, this is morally monstrous on your part because you’re rationalizing the very worst aspect of any government on Earth throughout history; the notion that you must take a bat or worst to anyone who dares to defy or disobey the state and its armed functionaries in ensuring all statist edicts are obeyed no matter how asinine, immoral or ineffective. You endorse the initiation of force against innocents. It’s much like cheer-leading the Cheka in the USSR. “We need to address a few bad apples on both sides of the line.”

The rest is here.

About Paris…

Everything I’m willing to say about it is here.

If you are concerned with Islamic immigration (and you should be, but it shouldn’t be your primary worry – I’ve already written about how immigration and Islam are merely self-correcting symptoms of a more pervasive problem with Western civilisation) then don’t panic about these terrorist attacks. If anything, they will radicalise Europeans and drive them into our arms.

Reblogged from The Iron Legion.

A visit from UPS…

The nice lady from UPS brought more parts-

More parts

Some relays and relay sockets, fuse holders, and open barrel terminals to connect it together. The parts are arriving, but I’m short a little green wire, some WeatherPack 3 connector housings, and a dual power post terminal connector.

I was a little concerned that the terminal crimper might not work, but after installing a fuse holder on the Nissan for the tail light converter power wire, I’m no longer worried. It works perfectly.

Leaves in your cowl vents?

Don’t despair- just fix it:

Just a little work with some magnetic sign material

I bought a scrap of material used to make magnetic signs, and whittled it into a reasonable resemblance of the cowl vent’s opening. Even taking a short time to chat with the landlord, it was finished in less than a half hour. Cutting the curved part was the hardest part, and was easy- I held a pencil in my hand, running my finger next to the curve, and plotting the shape onto the magnet. Cut it out, made a couple minor adjustments, and it’s done. I carefully cut the front (hood) by using the gap between the hood and as a guide- if you’re squeamish, you could tape the cowl side so as not to scratch it. I was very careful, and removed the magnet to cut just a little more off the front side.

This idea has been rattling around in my head for several years, so we’ll see if it works. I’m confident that it’ll keep leaves out of the cowl vent/ heater/ cab, though.

The nice lady from the USPS stopped by…

And brought some goodies:

Headlight lamp relay goodies

You’re looking at a couple bundles of 12ga TXL wire, headlight sockets (the orange things) and a couple rolls of looming tape- it lacks adhesive, and won’t make the wiring loom sticky if it ever needs to come back apart.

I’m waiting on the relays, fuse holders, terminals, etc. from another company.

When I get closer to finishing the project I’ll do a post on where to buy all this stuff.

Parts are ordered…

I’ve placed the order for my headlight relay project- had to purchase from three suppliers to get everything, but it’s on the way.

I also ordered a Cole Hersee 1254 trailer plug and enough 14/4 SO wire to rewire my small pickup trailer. I wired it up several years ago the day before a vacation and used the cheap four strand stuff from Auto Zone, and it’s time t do it right. I’ll likely do a little writeup on that as well. I might put both projects on Youtube as well. When the time comes, I’ll provide links to my channel.

As I’ve alluded to in the past, I’m trying to keep Torah (the old testament law), and in my attempt to not touch anything made of pork I’ll be reviewing a couple kinds of bar soap that don’t contain Oleic acid/ pork fat. If you don’t want to hear about religion, you don’t need to worry, these posts will be about soap, not faith.

A reblog from The Iron Legion- The solution we do not want…

A society of shrieking single mothers and wayward, dissolute men is not a society at all. If a nation cannot do the basic job of reproducing itself while in the presence of a highly fertile and fiercely patriarchal alien culture then it doesn’t deserve to exist, and in time it won’t. If a nation does not produce the men who are willing and able to take ownership of their nation then it will find itself unable to stand against the march of men who will.

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