Coming together

I’ve been working on installing a bench in my den. I reload ammunition a fair amount, so I wanted to have a good place to do it. Last summer I bought a countertop at a local business that build and installs cabinets for dirt cheap, then found a pair of cabinets to put under them, and drug them home. That’s where it’s been for a few months, because I’ve been catching up on other chores to get the house ready for winter.

I got the cabinet bases built, and Sunday I installed them, placed the cabinets on them, shimmed the cabinets (would you believe that the walls aren’t perfectly plumb?) and screwed everything down. Wish I’d had my stud finder-it was at the landlord’s house, borrowed. Then the top went on, and it looks great.

I’ve ordered an Inline Fabrication mount for my press, and if all goes according to plan, it ought to be here Monday-ish. I’ll post photos and provide a link at that point. If I can get time, I’ll post up pics this weekend.