Package in the mail

This afternoon the nice man in the blue uniform brought a few presents-a couple parts for the landlord’s Polaris 6X6 (for sale, as of tonight) and the Ultramount and quick change plates. Here’s a pic of the mount, with the press on it:
Door open

Nice storage, and I imagine it’ll get used well.

The Ultramount:
Ultramount assembled

Simple, and sturdy.

The quick change system:
Remove the wingnuts-
Lift up the press…
Separating the press from the mount
now the Ultramount is bare:
Without the q/c plate
The press and plate:
The press, separated from the mount

Looks like it’s going to be great. I also ordered a spare plate to mount my antique Wilton vise to it.
Tomorrow I’ll round up hardware to bolt down the Ultramount, but I’m going to play with it for a couple days to determine the best spot on the bench.
I’m not part of the company, but I’ll leave their address for your perusal.

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