Range day

Went out to the range with the landlord on Sunday. We set up our targets in the wind-funny how the air was still in town, and blowing hard enough to double over the grass at our range. Naturally, we weren’t really ready to properly stake down the boards we brought to use as ranging markers. We intended to use the boards, spaced at 3′ distances- to estimate rage to our targets. After our utter failure of using them in the wind and the hassle of using stakes, we agreed that gallon milk jugs full of sand might serve better. We’ll see.

I came close this time, with four of five shots falling in an area about 14″ of windage, all within six inches of the base of my target. I was using both AMAX and Interlock bullets.¬†We’re shooting at 844 yards, verified via the landlord’s high dollar rangefinder and my GPS.

I rewarded myself with a slice of pie at Johnny J’s and relaxed for the day. Now to reload the empties.