I know, I’ve been tardy in posting

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

New engine, ready to go in

Last summer, I bought a used engine vie a ebay seller. When it arrived, I cleaned cleaned it inside and out and pulled off everything until I had a long block. I also pulled the cam/lifters and ordered a new cam from Schneider (great people, BTW). I changed out the cam/lifters, cam gear set, main and rod bearings, oil pump, pickup tube, fuel and water pumps, all the gaskets and seals except the head gasket, and clutch assembly. I took my time, completing the work on evenings and weekends.

In October, I removed the old engine, and installed it over a weekend. After the obligatory camshaft break in, I took it for a drive and it runs great.

New engine in!
It’s in!

It was a but of a long process, but the truck runs much better.