Software defined radio, and snow

I bought an SDR dongle through Amazon last week, and I’ve been fiddling with it on the computer for the past few days. It requires a software download (easy), and just plugging in to my Mac’s USB port. It’s just a toy right now, but I hope to use it for more serious SW listening. We’ll see how it works over the next several weeks.

I woke up at 3:50 a.m. this morning to nine inches of snow, and by 10:00 this morning we had 13″ on the picnic table at work. I got it moved from the sidewalks at work, but it took well over an hour to do so. I’m tired, sore, and headed for bed.


Passover is here

Tonight is the full moon, and Passover. I’ll be commemorating the day with lamb, bitter herbs, and unleavened bread. Hope y’all have a great day, bless you and shalom.

Trailer wiring is finished on the Nissan

After I bought the 1991 Nissan D21 pickup 2 1/2 years ago, I figured I might want to use it for pulling a trailer, but there was a catch- foreign vehicles require a converter like this in order to operate properly. So I got one, and installed it (mostly). I didn’t finish it because I lacked a decent fuse holder, and the snow stopped my momentum.

Fast forward to Spring:

It requires a power wire, which I ran from the converter up the frame to a fuse holder, and a common Bosch style relay, and a little more wiring. Easy peasy, and I’m done, I hope. I’ll test drive it later in the week when I’m at the shed.

Speaking of snow, We’re expecting 3-4″ on Wednesday, and probably Friday. It was warm and fun while it lasted.

Puttering around in the beautiful weather

Late last year I began running down the parts I needed to upgrade my headlight wiring on my ’84 Ford- it’s never failed, but with winter comes boredom, and I drove it from my presence by planning for and purchasing the parts necessary to complete the conversion. First, I assembled the headlight terminals by installing the open barrel terminals onto the wires:


I may solder the terminals as well, we’ll see.

Next, I installed the terminals into the ceramic headlamp socket:

Headlight socket

Then I slid the plastic protector onto the socket,


And it’s complete:


I’ve also installed the relays and fuse holders onto the truck’s inner fender, using the same open barrel crimper I used for the headlight sockets:

Relays and fuse holders

When I’m finished, this mess of wiring will be loomed and it’ll look factory again.