Puttering around in the beautiful weather

Late last year I began running down the parts I needed to upgrade my headlight wiring on my ’84 Ford- it’s never failed, but with winter comes boredom, and I drove it from my presence by planning for and purchasing the parts necessary to complete the conversion. First, I assembled the headlight terminals by installing the open barrel terminals onto the wires:


I may solder the terminals as well, we’ll see.

Next, I installed the terminals into the ceramic headlamp socket:

Headlight socket

Then I slid the plastic protector onto the socket,


And it’s complete:


I’ve also installed the relays and fuse holders onto the truck’s inner fender, using the same open barrel crimper I used for the headlight sockets:

Relays and fuse holders

When I’m finished, this mess of wiring will be loomed and it’ll look factory again.