Trailer wiring is finished on the Nissan

After I bought the 1991 Nissan D21 pickup 2 1/2 years ago, I figured I might want to use it for pulling a trailer, but there was a catch- foreign vehicles require a converter like this in order to operate properly. So I got one, and installed it (mostly). I didn’t finish it because I lacked a decent fuse holder, and the snow stopped my momentum.

Fast forward to Spring:

It requires a power wire, which I ran from the converter up the frame to a fuse holder, and a common Bosch style relay, and a little more wiring. Easy peasy, and I’m done, I hope. I’ll test drive it later in the week when I’m at the shed.

Speaking of snow, We’re expecting 3-4″ on Wednesday, and probably Friday. It was warm and fun while it lasted.