So much for shooting.

I didn’t make it to the range. Spent Saturday morning cleaning out the garage after my buddy skinned his deer, then found some ambition (don’t know where) and fired up the chainsaw. I cut down three bushes in the back yard I’ve been wanting to remove. It went pretty well, except for when I hit a piece of angle iron in the center of one, probably used as a support for the bush a long time ago.
Hauled all the limbs to the local landfill compost pile-two trips. The saw chain will need some help, so I’ll take it to work and sharpen it and its twin.
Worked on the Polaris 6X6 as well. It hasn’t been easy to start for a couple years, and I’ve been blaming the carb needle and seat. After checking the carb, and finding the needle and seat in good condition, I Looked at the fuel pump, and while it works, it doesn’t work very well. A new one is around $25 on ebay, so I may well go that route. I’ve looked for a kit, but the diaphragms aren’t easy to find, and the valves don’t seem to exist. I’ll also need to buy a new fuel tank valve, as the old one leaked, and I broke it trying to install the tank.
Mercifully, it rained much of Sunday, so I was able to rest. Thanks be to God.
I just returned from a rabbit hunt with my buddy, so I’m pretty tired. No rabbits, though.