Finally, warm weather.

After weeks of rain and cool weather, it looks like hot weather has arrived. I’ve purchased a rosemary plant to try to grow on the porch-I’ll put it in a bigger pot tonight.

The 12″ LOP Hogue stock for my Mossberg 500A arrived last week, and fits great. It may need a couple buttstock shims for a perfect fit, but that ought to be pretty easy to accomplish, and will be a good excuse to go shooting.

I took the Winchester model 94 in 30/30 to the range last week, and it shoots okay. I’ll need more time with it to see if it’s going to shoot well.

Work has been demanding-lots to do, and not enough time to do it all. It’s a bit like taking care of dozens of adult children.

But we have good weather, so I’m not complaining.