Decisions, decisions…

I was chatting with Kent at Ham Radio Outlet in Denver¬†and he suggested that I could buy a Yaesu FT 991 in place of the FT 857D I’ve been trying to get. In a previous post I whined that the 857D is out of stock, probably nation wide, and my current thinking is to get the 991, which has a better screen and more bells/whistles.

I’m definitely not the bells and whistles type, but I doubt I’d refuse to have them.

Other than price, anyone see a problem with getting a 991 for my truck rig?


4 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…

    • I’ve considered that one too, but the screen being at an angle throws me off a bit. I’ve certainly considered it-maybe if I could get one in my hands, I would change my mind. Icon makes excellent rigs, I’m told.

    • I’m not considering the Bay- I want a new one. But I am on the Bay, looking for a nice FT 101ZD (thanks for the advice, Tom) for the house. I found a FT 101B in Newcastle and have yet to make an offer to the proverbial little old lady- don’t want to pay too much, or pay so little as to offend her family.
      As for the 857D, I’ll wait till payday and call a distributor that took my name down a few weeks ago. If they sold them all in Dayton, I’ll start calling other places.

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