Again. Just moved in last June, but I can’t stay. I won’t go into detail, but It ought to be sufficient to say that I don’t have privacy. I’ve boxed up and moved around 40% of my stuff so far and thrown out or given away a bunch of things I needed to get rid of last time. It’s a great thing to get rid of stuff you’re not using.

I sent my AR off to Fulton Armory on 23 Jan 2015 for a technical inspection, and received the call today. I sent it in because the rifle needed 16 clicks of right windage to get to zero. The cause was an improperly installed front sight base. The gunsmith at FA installed a couple setscrews and told me it ought to solve the problem.

When you buy a rifle at the peak of the ‘Bammy boom, expect it to be a rush job. Learned my lesson.

I’m waiting for a lady to call me about an apartment. If it’s decent, I’ll fill out an application. I’m hoping she calls tonight.

Off to move more stuff.