It was -7 F this morning, colder than it’s been most of the season. But solstice is past, and now the days begin to get longer, if only incrementally. It’ll soon be March, and I can’t wait.

Fired up the Ford this morning, and it didn’t want to play. Nevertheless, my rusty steed brought me to work.

We moved more blown in snow today, and lost the feeling in my hands and feet-the wrong gloves and definitely the wrong shoes. Tomorrow I’ll tie rags around my ankles-that’ll keep the ants from crawling up my legs and biting my candy ass.

New Year’s eve is nearly here: I hope to replace the broken door handle on the ’91 Nissan pickup tomorrow after work. It’s lasted over a year, but this is just stoopid-a door handle that lasts just over a year? At least it’s got a lifetime warranty at O’Reilley’s Auto. They were quite nice when I exchanged it.