How not to hunt rabbits

I went rabbit hunting Friday with my buddy and ended up walking in ankle deep snow for two hours or so- we shot one bunny. When I got home, I was sick. Emptied my stomach, and went to bed. Saturday I was better, but still really tired, so I relaxed and slept a lot. Finally better on Sunday, enough to eat a little. Another example of being out of shape.

My new revolver shoots well. More on it soon, I’ll write a short review later this week.

Today I moved snow for an hour and a half. I’m thankful that I had machinery to bust the drifts, or I’d have likely strained my back. It snowed maybe four inches last night, and the wind really packed it in. Lots of people were stranded/stuck, and I had to drag a co worker’s (nice shiny) truck out of the drift in the front of her building. It has good tires for Moab (Utah) but not so good for snowy Wyoming. I’m also thankful for my lousy old truck.

I’m finally home after a ten hour day (aren’t I a poor baby?), snuggled up to the pellet stove.