As promised, a show and tell.

Here it is:

Jokers to the left of me...

Other side:


Down the sights:

And it’s a shooter:

It’s a pretty nice revolver. Came with nice grips, although the originals aren’t anything to laugh at. It was colder than a witch’s lips the day we shot it. The flyers were my fault. Lousy position, cold, waaaahhhh…

I found a decent Bianchi holster for it on ebay for $36. It’s not the Bianchi holster of my youth: much rougher insuide, and lower quality overall. Next time, I’ll get a Galco. I’m also looking for a holster for my mod. 27 with a 3 1/2″ barrel and my mod 629-5. I’ll probably end up with a custom holster for the 27 and a Galco holster for the 629. Any suggestions?