Not busy, but steady

I decapped several hundred rounds of .44 mag I’ve been ignoring, and charged and put bullets in around 150 rounds of brass I’d cleaned, primed, and expanded some time ago. It went pretty well, and the standing position was very efficient, although I was glad to set a spell after I finished.

I sent my .270 off to be rebarreled to 30-06. I bought it last summer- it’s an Interarms MK X, got it for $250. I’ll have a new barrel screwed on, then drop it in a Bell & Carlson stock. I’m also planning on a Dakota 3 position safety- the Whitworth safety is pretty cheap-made of stamped metal, and doesn’t block the bolt like a regular Mauser. Then a Timney trigger. I’ll do it in stages so I don’t drive myself to the poor house.

I have Monday off for “Equality Day”. I’d rather have Washington and Lincoln’s birthday off.