Dear Pastor,

You’ve pestered me for a couple years about coming back to “church*”. I’m not coming back.

I left after listening to sermonettes that make the heathen feel nice and fuzzy warm, but are little if any substance to followers of Christ.

After being asked for the eleventy billionth time to sing in the choir. I’m not going to. Ever, unless God asks me to. And He hasn’t.

After enduring music in the “sanctuary” that was so loud that small children had to be carried out.

After listening to you tell me how “heroic” and “courageous” unwed and divorced mothers were. They’re not.

After being asked “we’ve sure missed you” by people who haven’t called or stopped by, ever.

After being told that the amount GOD blesses me is based on whether I tithe the gross or net amount on my paycheck.

After watching the “sanctuary” be decorated by and for women, after having the suggestions of the men in the church disregarded.

After being subjected to pagan traditions and worship within the “church”.

After being told to “man up” and marry tawdry and divorced women, because “forgiveness”. Because “a truck drives straighter when it’s carrying a full load”.

After listening to many, many gynocentric sermons, i.e., “if momma ain’t happy, then ain’t nobody happy”.

After hearing sermons on “mutual submission”.

After reading about pastors like this guy.

After watching the women in the “church” eradicate every vestige of manliness from the “church”, while the “men” stand by and watch, doing nothing, because they might upset their wives.

In fact, pastor, I never left the “church”. The “church” left me. That’s why I meet with a group of men in my community, at our homes. Care to join us?

*I refer to the “church” this way in order to differentiate the building and the unbelieving from the body of believers, the Church, those who are followers of Jesus Christ.