Grumpy old man post

Stopped at one of the local Chinese buffets for supper today, and three women- looked like daughter, mother and grandmother- were sitting in the booth near the spot I was seated. During the time I was there, they were glued to their phones, and except for the occasional “OMG blah blah blah!”, they barely spoke to one another.

Their phones, on the other hand were a cacophony¬†of ringtones and DROID text message notifications. In thirty minutes, I’d bet there were fifty of the DROID variation. After twenty minutes I put in a set of ear plugs. Sometimes it’s good to be a shooter.

Girls, if you want to spend your vapid lived staring into a smartphone “communicating” with other mindless drones, shut the damned¬† sound off so your neighbors, especially the grumpy old farts, don’t have to be assaulted by your noise.

It’s probably a good thing I live alone. I think I’ll make this my theme song for the week.

We’re nearly finished cleaning the mess out of the building that was vandalized before Christmas. After we get the gym cleaned out, we’ll be finished. It was a lot to do, but we’re nearly there.

I’ve been promising a “review” of my new K22, and as soon as I can get the camera/computer/cable thing worked out, I’ll get it done. The post won’t be so much a “review”, since I’m sure puh-lenty have been done in the past, but more a sort of show and tell with pictures.

That’s all for now, thanks for listening and stay tuned.