New instrument cluster lights and more

Last Monday I took the dash apart on the Buick (1998 LeSabre) to remove the radio and to replace the instrument panel bulb for the seat belt light. I tried (and failed, so far) to figure out where the amplifier input solder pads were so I can install and auxillary input for the phone.

Today I removed the rest of the dash including the instrument cluster, drove over to the parts store, and bought 8 new bulbs – I figured that since I was in there, I’d replace them all. Naturally, when I got home, I counted 10 bulbs to change. Bother.

I explain the removal and reinstallation in the shaky phone video below.

The next step was to reinstall the instrument cluster and the transmission indicator cable. It was easier than I originally thought, and I posted the next video to serve as a guide for those who haven’t done it before – I couldn’t find a video on YouTube, so I made one. Again, with a cell phone, and shaky, but you can get the idea.

It’s really a pretty easy job.