New Project

A little over a year ago, a friend died and his sister gave me his 1963 Ford Falcon Club Wagon van:


It’s in nice shape, bodywise…but it needed a LOT of love mechanically.

I had it hauled over to my sisters back yard for storage while I figured out what to do next. First thing I did was replace the fuel tank and sending unit – the old tank had a couple quarts of fuel that had oxidized and turned into a black, stinky, lumpy liquid. Fortunately, the tank was easy to find (expensive, though) on eBay and arrived fast.

I tried to start the (170 six cylinder) engine, and while it turned over, it wouldn’t start. I pulled the cylinder head and discovered a stuck intake valve caused by water in the intake, so I took the van to work and removed the engine and transmission. I pondered rebuilding the engine, but it was bored -0.040″ and I decided against it.

After much searching, I found a replacement engine in a local wrecking yard. I’ts a 200 CID engine out of a 1978 Ford Fairmont. I washed it off (it was FILTHY) and installed a new clutch, carb kit, water pump, and a Ford 3G alternator in place of the generator.


I’ve since got it running pretty well, and I’ve driven it a couple tanks of fuel to shake it down. I still need to connect the heater and get the windshield wipers to work, and install king pins and brakes all the way around.

More soon.