Playing Radio, Portable

I left the house around ten yesterday morning and drove out to a camping spot off Trapper’s Route Road.

In about a half hour, I had my Chameleon MPAS installed on the front bumper and was making contacts with people all over – Ontario, Alberta, Illinois, Texas, and others. I used my Yaesu 897D and an autotuner on 100 watts.

The MPAS is excellent – it breaks down into a small package and deploys quickly. Please check out the link, if you’d like – I’m a happy customer, I’m not paid to promote it.

The wind was HOWLING, so I spooled everything up and drove over to Bessamer Bend Interpretive site and spent the night there. I woke to snow as expected, but not enough to stick to the ground. I stopped at G-Ma’s cafe for breakfast and had the best corned beef hash I’ve ever had.

I guess that’s all I have to report