Muddy Mountain exploration- this time it was a success!

I rode the Rokon onto Pitchpine ridge on Sunday, and finally found the structure I saw on Google earth. It’s a large wood pile of boards left over from the production of large timbers:

Had to go to the woodpile...

The other side of the woodpile...

There’s a foundation, I presume for an engine or saw:

The foundation...

Another view of the foundation.

And lots of old junk laying around- a fuel tank for a car, and an old running board:

The running board that isn't any more.

I left the area, and took another road out. Next to the road, I came upon a tree with a “Bearing Tree” placard:

Bearing tree placard

Under the tree was a brass cap:

Brass cap

I took the road along a fence separating BLM from private land, and came to a place where two fences met-and found yet another brass cap:

Brass cap

And then rode the bike up the south face of Muddy mountain, coming out to the road just above the dogleg in the road. The bike worked well, although my back was a bit sore from the ride. It was more than worth it.

Now if I can just find the other structure that is on Google Earth. But that’s for another weekend.