Muddy Mountain exploration, fail.

I camped on Muddy Mountain again this weekend (last weekend, too) intending to ride the Rokon out to Pitchpine canyon and follow a road to an old sawmill.

Despite my efforts to find it, I’d evidentially ridden right by it. I didn’t take my map, so I had no reference but a buddy’s description. It wasn’t enough. I’ve found it on Google Earth, as well as the map, so I’m going to try to find it next weekend, which is Labor Day weekend. I’ll even take a map.

Any excuse to go camping.

Regarding my trip last weekend, I camped in the same spot as this weekend, but the temperature when I awoke on Saturday morning was 27° F and I was playing the part of a sissy that day. In addition, the regulator on the propane bottle failed (diaphragm split), so I repaired it with a spare. I wasn’t exactly itching to ride the bike.