Well, now it’s really cold…

Went to work yesterday morning and it was -8 F: a co-worker reported that it was -13 at her house located just outside town. The Nissan didn’t WANT to start, but fired up and got me to work. It was -7.5 F this morning according to weather underground. I installed a new battery in the Nissan yesterday afternoon, and this morning it started much more easily. If I can get time tonight, I’ll replace the battery in the Ford- I looked in the parts file and it’s been eight years since the last one.

It’s pretty busy at work this week- lots of heating and ventilation maintenance, lots of folks will need help with their projects. I’ll make hay as the sun shines.

December 25 was pretty fun. I woke late (that’s nearly always a good way to start a holiday) and went over to the local Chinese buffet for lunch with my buddy. After gluttonizing, we drove out to the range and sighted in his new Ruger 10/22: I shot my Marlin 795 at some cans. Afterwards, I visited another buddy, and went home for Shabbat and took it very easy.

Not much more to report for now, more later. Hope all of you had a lovely holiday.