So, the president wants civil war…

No doubt that by now all of you have heard of the pResident’d newest executive order travesty. In short, he’s “ordered” that all firearm transfers go through NICS. So selling a firearm to someone else, or giving one as a gift will soon be a felony unless we submit to the government’s authritAH.

It’s got a lot of folks riled up, and rightfully so. Some will be talking about civil disobedience, even violence.

I urge each of you to keep calm. Violence right now will play right into this narcissist’s plan, if I’m seeing things right. It looks like to me that he’s goading the common man into rising up, and who knows what that might accomplish for him- another executive order to suspend elections, rule of law…something else?

Less than a year from now we’ll have a different Narcissus, and perhaps he/she/it will be less hostile to the folks who build things and produce. Until then, lets be at peace, and prepare for what will inevitably come.

Keep training.

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