Thank you, Kroger

I’ve copied the letter I sent to Kroger below.

Dear Kroger Companies,

I have been a sporadic customer at my local Smith’s grocery store, primarily because it is located enough distance from my home to be inconvenient.  I would shop there occasionally, but not often, usually when driving out to Wal Mart.

I’ve made a decision to shop at Smiths from now on, because Kroger Companies treat their customers, pro gun and anti gun, like adults. I’ll spend as close to 100% of my grocery and alcohol budget with your stores from now on.

I’ve enclosed the receipts for my purchases from 22 April 2015 through 5 May 2014. You’ll see that they add up to over $400.00. You can count on me spending a similar amount each month.

Thank you for following local laws in your stores, and for recusing yourself from the debate. I very much appreciate being able to shop in the absence of politics.

Very truly yours,



I was challenged to do this by Tom at

Thank you, Tom, for encouraging us to do this, and to spend money at Kroger’s companies.

* I didn’t really sign my name as Wyowanderer, but I don’t want hordes of fecund women coming to my house,either…