Stinking cold…

It’s been pretty cold all week, culminating in -17 temps on Thursday. I’ve been moving a lot of snow, but thankfully I have machinery, warm clothes, and a little help.

The door handle on the Nissan D21 broke off this morning at the grocery store-it lasted just shy of 13 months. It’s not that it’s an expensive fix that has me in a dither, it’s the effort required, and the cold weather. I don’t relish replacing it in the cold, even in the garage. It’s also pretty hard to fit my lunch hooks inside the door panel to do it.

Last weekend I got the 6X6 stored away in the garage, and took the batteries out of it and the watercraft and stored them in the spare room. Just in time, too- it began snowing Sunday night, and turned cold at the same time.

I’m hoping to go rabbit hunting tomorrow, if the wind doesn’t blow. We’ll see.

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