I love going to junkyards. They’re almost as much fun as camping trips: in fact, when I can combine a camping trip and a trip to a junkyard, I really enjoy it.

Today I took the Ford truck (because it has all the tools in it) and drove to a yard at a nearby-ish town, looking for three or four 15″ wheels for my utility trailer. I’m specifically looking for 5 on 4 1/2″ pattern wheels, and I took the trailer to make sure that whatever I found would fit the trailer. But before I found wheels for the trailer, I found four 14″ wheels with good tires on an ’87 Nissan pickup that will fit my ’91 Nissan pickup. It took me about a half hour to get them off, and the fellow who owns the place charged me $40 for all four wheels/tires, a brand new set of brake pads that were behind the seat of the truck, the jack rod/handle,the dome light lens, the windshield washer reservoir cap, and the lug wrench. Wish I had more time, I’d have stripped off the starter, alternator, door handles…and more, probably.

I was able to mount the “new” tires on the truck, and on the way back from storage (put the snow tires in the shed across town), drove the truck on the interstate- they work great. I’ve probably saved myself from purchasing new tires this season.

I’ll tinker with the lens on Sunday, and use the Sabbath to rest my aching back. I’m looking forward to the relaxation.

I’m sure pleased that so few people deign to get their hands dirty at the junkyard.