Overreaction in Casper

Seems we had a scary event at our local college: http://trib.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/updated-gun-snapchat-prompts-lockdown-at-casper-college/article_503f9403-0f07-5cb4-9c60-ab4bae258ec0.html

A photo of a gun shared by a Casper College student with another student on the social media platform Snapchat prompted a brief lockdown of the college Friday afternoon.

Some evildoer sent a picture of a firearm to someone else on Facebook, and the receiving party had a fit. As a precaution, A local Junior high school was locked down as well.

Come on folks. We’re in Wyoming. We aren’t SUPPOSED to have fainting couches here. But by the looks of things people have still mastered the art of jamming their heads up their asses. But I suppose that’s what colleges are for.