No trips this spring

But I did get a camping trip in the last weekend of June. I took a buddy to a nice camping area about twenty miles away from my house, and we spent three days doing next to nothing but sitting and eating. I was able to use the Helton heater on the truck to heat a jug of water for a shower on Friday night, and it was a delight. I promised a post on it, and I’ll do it, maybe next trip.
Yesterday afternoon I installed a new wire for the water pump to replace the old one- an old electrical cord I had laying around. I also cleaned up the wiring so that it looks a little nicer, and if I can get it together this weekend, I’ll reroute a supply wire to the reading light in the bunk, and a couple of 12V cigar and USB sockets inside the bunk cabinet so I can run my small fan and plug in my phone at night.
I’ll be staying home this weekend, unless I get a wild hair and decide to go for a drive offroad- I did it a couple years ago, and took backroads from Arminto to Kirby, Wyoming, never touching pavement. I found this book years ago, and it just fed the bug I’ve had for traveling dirt roads. If you want to explore Wyoming, I can heartily recommend it.