More progress…

The fan housing is on: I had to provide it a little room between the front engine mount and the top of the housing by hitting it with a hammer. It’s pretty soft metal, so that was pretty easy. pay no attention to that ugly, unpainted weld.

Front mount


I’ve also removed nearly all the flanged bolts and replaced them with grade 8 hex head cap screws and flat washers. The flanged bolts are serrated, and they saw a little metal off the parts each time you install/remove them. The cylinder head shroud bolt holes are much larger than they used to be…

New bolts


The air cleaner assembly is on the carburetor: I replaced the slotted #10-32 x 3/8″ machine screws with Allen head cap screws, and installed a gasket between the air cleaner and carburetor. I’ve also replaced the carburetor elbow to engine and elbow to carb bolts with grade 8 non-slotted flange bolts. I’ll replace the nuts and outside tooth lock washers with Stover nuts soon.

I’m waiting on the clutch bolt and a couple exhaust studs- I ordered a couple of them, but I wanted longer ones so I ordered a different length, and they ought to get here in a few days. I’ll also replace the starter assembly bolts and realign the starter at the same time. This engine has a LOT more compression, so having the starter work right will be important. Istallation is pretty easy, although I drilled a 31/32″ hole in the end of it so that it’ll slip over the boss of the starter housing.

The fan housing is on

I bought the mitten grip starter handle (along with a small pile of other stuff) from Dave Fillman at If you have a Rokon, and you’re not buying some of your parts from him, you’re missing out. He’s easily the nicest guy I’ve ever talked Rokons with on the phone, and he carried a small selection of parts for Rokons.

And don’t forget Rokon International. Tom Blaise keeps the door open and seems to have every part for these bikes memorized.

I bought the mitten grip starter handle because I’ve had the engine on the old bike pull the starter right through my fingers, and it HURTS (waaahhh…). The bigger handle mitigates that risk a bit.

I’m putting off the wiring until I can come up with an elegant (on a Rokon?) way to do it. I may even rewire the bike, eventually.

It’s coming along nicely, stay tuned.