Keeping them accountable

I was listening to the Survival Podcast the other day and Jack Spirco had an idea- Why doesn’t someone (won’t be me, I can barely keep this humble blog filled up) Start a website like, but for reviewing the interaction of government with citizens. ┬áIt would work like this: You’ve got a great teacher/professor/administrator, and you add their name to the list, review their work, and post your opinion of their performance. The same could be done for politicians, school board members, law enforcement, the DMV, and any government entity. It could also be done to review the lousy ones.

Yeah, there would be people who might give inaccurate reviews, but something like this just might give people another tool to help them decide where to live (like when they were relocating-the school on Chicago Ave. is terrible, but the school on Ashgrove street is great-that sort of thing) and it might help citizens keep government accountable.

Of course, the people who received poor ratings might cry and whine. All the better.