Head LAMP, not headlight…

Wrong term, sorry. If you were expecting a missive on something made by Sylvania, move along please.

I bought one of these- http://www.amazon.com/Petzl-Myo-RXP-Headlamp/dp/B00BMTH1T6 last summer.  It has a little diffuser over the lens:


That (that’s right!) diffuses the light coming out of the lamp. It makes a marked difference in the intensity of the beam, and provides a bit of protection for the lens while you’re working.

On the top, it has two switches:


The smaller one serves as an interrupted beam, it turns on the light when you just need light for a short time. The larger switch has four positions, three constant light position and an SOS beacon-pretty clever.

Batteries are easy to change, and are held in place by a soft plastic cover:


It’s very nice, and I’m glad I bought it.


Lots and different amounts of light.

The SOS thingie is cool, but I hope it’s never useful.

Not made in China-made in another socialist country called France.



The thumb switches are nearly useless while wearing gloves

Sorry about the lack of photos-I can’t seem to figure out how to get the links to work right.