Got it out, just in time…

I took the first load of branches to the landfill just before 11 Saturday, and with help from a buddy, took 2 more loads by 1:00. Now there’s just a small pile of sticks next to the stump. I also took down the two birdhouses that were attached to the garage-they were providing shelter for the sparrows that crap all over the ground next to the garage. I won’t miss the crap, or the incessant fighting of the birds in the yard.

I’ve got to do more whittling on the stumps on the place- to in the front yard, five in the back. I hated to cut down all the bushes and trees, but they hadn’t been cared for in years, had diseases, and had to go. Soon I’ll start on the branches that hang over the fence from the neighbor’s yard. I’ll get the stumps cut to ground level, and call a stump grinding outfit for a quote. Let’s see how hungry they are (or aren’t, as the case may be).

Las night it snowed, and today it’s been pretty chilly. Glad I got it (mostly) all done.