Finally, some camping trips

Two weeks ago, I went to Glendo State park and camped out for a couple days, and last week I went to Riverton to attend the yearly gun show put on by the Wyoming Weapons Collectors.

The first order of business was to take one of the dirt roads from Sand Draw road WY 135 in to Hudson. I started by going in at the Beaver Creek oilfield, but after driving through the maze of service roads and not finding the way through, I decided to try from Beaver Rim.

I took BLM road 2302 into the basin:


It was a little rough, but certainly driveable.

I came out at Hudson, Wyoming, as planned, and spent the night at the base of Beaver Rim, near Bobcat Draw.

I drove into Riverton for fuel, and to visit the grave of my father. The cemetery in Riverton makes it easy to find the gravesite, with a rolodex of the deceased person’s name, and a map of the grounds.

I had lunch at the Breadboard, and stopped at Liberty Pawn Shop to pick up a Poles and Holders flagpole I purchased last month. I intend to use it for a ham radio antenna mast-more on that in a later post. Friday afternoon I drive back up Beaver Rim and returned to Riverton via Lander and Hudson. I stopped in Hudson to eat dinner at Svilar’s. It was my first meal at the place, and I’m sorry I waited so long to do so. Great food and attentive staff.

Saturday morning, I got up and headed into town to get a shower and to attend a mini field day put on by Brent Struna, owner of Struna Electronics. He was kind enough to put up a couple antennas:


and connect a few of his radios to them. While there, we were able to listen to a beacon out of Casper and other radio signals.

I visited a friend at the gun show, and after visiting my mom at our friends table, I drove back up to Beaver Rim for the night. I found a great campsite just south of the “Scenic Area” parking, and parked:


It’s not often you get a view like that. I laid down “just for a little while”, and woke a couple HOURS later, to this:


Later that night, I looked out and could see the lights of Riverton, Hudson, and Lander. Gorgeous.

I found this bench marker on the rim:


Concreted into the rock.

Sunday morning I drove back in to Riverton for breakfast and visited the gun show again, and came home to Casper via Jeffery City and Muddy Gap.

It was a lovely weekend.