Finally found a radio

I’d contacted a fellow in Texas, and he called me back to offer me this:


It’s a Yaesu 857D, and it has the fancy MH -59 microphone. The seller was kind enough to include longer cables for the head unit and microphone, so I can mount the radio remotely if I want to.

I fired it up last week while camping by connecting to my CB antenna and setting it to 10 meter frequencies, but I was in a bit of a valley and didn’t pick up much. I won’t attempt transmitting until I can get my hands on an antenna tuner- I’m considering an LDG YT-100 or an MFJ 945E, but I’ll consider other tuners, and I’m open to suggestions.

I’ve purchased a Poles and Holders 22 foot flagpole to use as a mast, and I’ll use it to hold a long wire antenna, and maybe a Yo Yo antenna.

Naturally, I received calls from Main Trading and Associated Radio on Wednesday and Thursday telling me that they had received a shipment and were ready to ship me a new Yaesu, but I decined. I hope they go to good homes.