Busy, busy, busy…

Lots to get done at work- we’ve hired a replacement for a staff member, I’ve been training her, and lots of machine maintenance to catch up on.

On the home front, very little going on. I’m currently gathering information on parts to complete a headlight upgrade on the Ford truck. I intend to install relays, larger wires, headlight lamp sockets, fuses and new headlights. The headlamps will likely be Cibie H4 conversion units, but I’ve got to upgrade the wire and power the new lamps with relays so as not to melt the headlight switch/ dimmer switch/ stock wiring.

I purchased an upgrade kit from a fellow who is very informed about the subject, but I’ll use it on the Nissan since the relays and fuse holders aren’t waterproof, and it came with Hella lamp sockets that will probably work fine-I’m just not happy with the way they connect. I’m going to use these sockets instead- they’re ceramic (won’t melt) and I can get them with the terminals uncrimped/ unsoldered so that I can use the GXL wire I want to use, in the colors I want to use. I’m working with an industrial supply house to buy the parts exactly as I want them, and it’s taken a little longer than I’d like, but I’m confident that I’ll get what I’m looking for.

I’ll also take the wire looms apart and install the new wire into them, re-wrapping all the wires with new loom wrap. I expect this will be a fun project, albeit one done in winter. I’ll have update posts as the project progresses, and a “how to” post when it’s complete.

I’m also dieting-starving myself is more like it-in an attempt to get my blood sugars to a reasonable level. My blood glucose levels were up in the 250-275 range, and they’ve come back down to 145-170 rage. I’m by no means done, but I’ll get to the 110-115 range eventually. I was pretty discouraged about it, but after just two weeks of dieting, I’m having success.