Where have I been?

A couple folks have asked why I haven’t updated the blog.

Short answer is lack of interest and sloth – I won’t bother offering any false reasons.

So here’s a little update.

First, the Buick. In March 2010 bought a 1998 LeSabre from a guy the next town over, with a seized engine but in otherwise good condition. Bought a JY engine with 92K on it from Wade at Low Mileage Engines, but had little time or motivation to deal with it due to Covid restrictions and workload. By July I had the “new” engine resealed with all new gaskets and seals, except the head gaskets. I removed the old engine…

Engine bay is empty

New engine in and running around 30 August 2010…


And it runs pretty well.

It’s been a really great car – great fuel mileage, starts good in bitter cold weather, and it’s really comfortable.

Today I installed power wire for my amateur radio equipment.

It looks like I’ll need a new engine in the Ford F-150. More on that soon.