Update, and eclipse scouting…

I’ve been back to work (light duty- no pushing, pulling, or overhead lifting over 15 pounds) for two weeks, and my cardiologist will release me with no restrictions on 21 August, 2017.

It’s been traumatic having a heart attack and heart surgery, but overall it was very good for me. for the first time in twenty years, I can breathe when I’m exercising, and it actually feels (mostly) good. I liken it to getting a new engine in an old car-it runs like hell, but the shocks, brakes, and suspension are still shot. I’m walking a mile and a half in 30 minutes-not fast enough to break any records, but far better than the past couple decades. It’s amazing to see the ground I’d lost and attributed to age (I’m 54).

Today I drove the Nissan out to my secret eclipse viewing site. Looks like the spot I’d originally picked out on the map is a bit difficult, but the place I drove to ought to work very well. I plan to erect an end fed half wave antenna and try to make some contacts during totality. I don’t want to have a lot of company, but if you’ll listen on 20m calling, you might catch me. I hope so, anyway. I’ll also be loading up the Rokon (I’ll be released to use it) and exploring with it as well.

More detail to follow.



4 thoughts on “Update, and eclipse scouting…

  1. I Like your blog. Still worry about you. That’s my job. Hope you will be around when your sister goes to Sturges in case I need backup.

    • Lousy son, doesn’t check the comments on his blog. I’m nearly always around, and I’ll be sure to let all of you know when I’m going out of twon. Love you lots, mom.

  2. Very NICE to “see” you’re making headway! Stay on this side of the dirt as long as possible! A step at a time!

    Not so much how fast you get there; but that you get there!

    Godspeed my friend!

    John in Alaska

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