Okay, one last for the day, and I’ll try to stop posting…

I’ve been continuing to rewire the headlights, and over the past couple days (Monday and Tuesday) I connected the relays to ground and positive, and ran the headlight wiring through the radiator support. I also built another ground wire to connect from the battery to the Blue Sea power post which will be a terminal connection for grounding this project, as well as others in the future.

The next thing to do is to splice the left and right headlight harnesses together and connect them to the relays, and connect the trigger wire (I’m using the original headlight wires for this) to the exciter terminals on the relay, and I’ll be done.

Trouble is that we’re supposed to get some rain turning to snow on Friday, and more snow over the weekend. I’d get a lot more done if the weather would cooperate.

Pictures and possibly a video next time I work on it.